Gerson Freire has been involved in international business since 1995, accumulating extensive experience in managing international projects and developing business strategies for complex markets.

Currently residing in Cascais, Portugal, he serves as an international business consultant and holds the position of CEO at Consultoria Portugal, a Brazilian company specializing in international relocation. The company's headquarters are located in Belo Horizonte, requiring Gerson to split his time between Brazil and Portugal.

Over the years, Gerson has leveraged his wealth of experience in international business to assemble a multidisciplinary team. This team consists of specialized collaborators in Brazil, Europe, and the USA, covering various areas of expertise. This diverse team enables Gerson and his associates to successfully manage projects with dedication and deliver services that consistently exceed expectations.

If you are considering expanding your business to Europe and require assistance with business arrangements, market research, accounting, business planning, fiscal residency, or obtaining the right visa, feel free to reach out to Gerson. He is well-equipped to provide the support you need.